Rock and roll is escape. Rock and roll is about girls and women. It’s like riding that exciting roller coaster as a kid. It’s about redemption and faith. It can be smart and dumb. It can mean everything and nothing. It creates a space for millions of people to connect. It’s a cliché and it’s original. Rock and Roll is loud, rough and gritty. I love its many forms. Blues, Punk, Glam, Rockabilly, Folk and Metal have all influenced me. Rock and Roll is not choreographed. It’s spontaneous, sloppy and without a script.It can stumble, fumble and then soar to great heights. It can get you through tough times and help celebrate great moments. Its fun!  It can be awesome! I'm predisposed to love a band before I hear them play a note. I'm not a rock critic. I'm a fan! I love to perform. Connect with the crowd . Sing and dance and leave it all out there with nothing left after the last song is played. If you have a few moments check out the music. You may love it or not. But does it really matter? Its Rock and Roll!   
Andrew Kowalczyk